1. Every pupil must have a copy of the handbooks/school Calendar which should be brought to school as and when required.

2. School hours are from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm. Pupils must be in the school premises at7: 40 am. Once they reach the school the students are expected to sit and study their lessons before the assembly. At the first warning bell, all must move towards the assembly place. At the second bell all must form lines and a prayer service be conducted? After the prayer, pupils shall go to their respective class-rooms in perfect silence and order.

3. All the teaching staff and the students are to be present in the morning Assembly to be held every Assembly-day at 7:40 am. And no teacher is allowed to leave the school campus during the school hour without proper reason.

4. Students and staff who are conspicuous by their regular absences in the morning Assembly as well as in the Devotion will be punished.

5. When the teacher enters the classroom, the pupils must stand up and wish him/her the time of day. They shall stand in reverence when the teacher leaves the classroom. Pupils must also wish the teachers whenever they meet them outside the school.

6. No student is allowed to remain in the classrooms during any of the breaks/recess.

7. Once student come to school, they are not permitted to leave the school during school hours without special permission of Headmaster.

8. Pupils cannot be interviewed during school hours without special permission of the Headmaster.
9. Pupils are strictly forbidden to smoke, chew pan and eat fruits or sweets or any other things inside the class.

10. Pupils are strictly forbidden to steal, pick pocket, indulge in any intoxicating drink, drugs and injections etc. If committed there will be adequate punishment even to the extent of outright expulsion from the school as well as hostel.
11. They can be expelled on committing any form of conspiracy against the school/the Mission (ESC)
12. Each pupil is held responsible for the safe custody of his/her books and belongings.
13. English being the medium of instruction, students are required to talk only in English at the school even in their private conversation.

14. All must strictly observe the law of politeness and etiquette, within and outside the school compound.

15. Pupils are to take part in the extra-curricular activities of the school-physical exercise, social work etc. And no one will be excused except for grave reasons.

16. After absence from class, pupils must bring before the Headmaster a written justification from their parents or guardians both in the regularity record of the handbook and in a separate letter. Any false letters will be severely dealt with.

17. Any student coming late must produce before the Headmaster a written justification in his/her regularity record.
18. To get admitted to the classroom, the one who has been absent or late must show the teacher-in-charge his/her regularity record already counter-signed by the Headmaster.

19. Any student absent for a day or part of day without prior leave will be fined.

20. If any student is found absent without proper leave for 10 (ten) days or more continuously, his/her name shall be removed from the school Register and re-admission will only be permissible on payment of Rs. 509/- as Re-admission Fee.

20. Towards the end of the academic year, the percentage of attendance of each student will be counted. Anyone whose percentage of attendance is below 75% will be declared dis-collegiate i.e. his/her promotion to the higher class will be affected.

21. No textbooks notebooks or other papers must be brought into the examination hall. Students found copying or practising unfair means during the examination will be severely dealt with.

22. Tuition fees for each month are to be paid on or before the 15th of the next month at Gramin Bank in the school Account and a slip of school copy should be submitted in the school account section. A fine of Rs. 30/- per Month will be imposed for late payment of fees. Fees for the holidays must be paid in advance together with the fees for the current month.

23. Pupil who has not paid school and hostel fees will not be allowed to appear at the Half-Yearly and the Annual Examination respectively.

24. Promotion result of the pupil whose fees and dues (both school and Hostel) for current academic year remain unpaid will be withheld.
25. The school will prepare student’s Handbook to be issued to each and every student in order that the students may know and judge themselves in respect of their position and progress.
26. To secure the present need, the school will prepare progress cards to be issued to each and every student after the announcement of the result of the SA-1, Examination in order to know and judge by the students themselves in respect of their position and progress.
27. The progress card will be issued to the students only for a week (7 days) duration. They have to return the card duly signed by the parents to the school office on or before the expiry of the said period.

28. If any student loses or spoils the card he/she may get new card from the school office on payment of Rs. 50/- only.

29. A student dismissed from the hostel will be automatically dismissed from the school and vice-versa.